Treating ADHD

Treating ADHD

I have just finished reading several articles in some psychiatric journals that were discussing the treatment of ADHD in children as well as adults.  Not surprisingly, they concluded that the only treatment consisted of the use of psychoactive drugs – stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderal, or antidepressants.

When it came to a non-pharmacologic approach, their conclusion was that there have been no studies supporting this idea.

Of course the idea that psychiatrists would only consider the use of psychotrophic drugs fits comfortably with the fact that psychiatrists no longer practice psychiatry. Instead, their profession has been converted into psychopharmacology. A 15 minute session has replaced the old time 60 minute therapy session.

As a result, there are millions of children and adults being treated with drugs with toxic side effects that even include sudden death. Interestingly, children or adults who do not have ADHD develop all the signs and symptoms of a person with ADHD after starting on these drugs.

So the question arises, how can a drug that causes ADHD be used to treat ADHD? The answer to this question becomes readily apparent when one explores the reason why people have ADHD in the first place. However, before addressing this issue, I need to make a few observations.

The first comment is that people need to be aware that the causation of illness is rarely taught to doctors during their training. An exception to this, however, would be the field of infectious disease where the offending organism is treated. Otherwise, doctors are trained that if a person has a problem the symptoms should be treated with a drug. People are put on drugs to lower blood pressure, treat diabetes, lower cholesterol, relieve pain, or anxiety, or depression, or insomnia, etc., without looking for a cause.

The only way to cure an illness is to treat the cause of the illness – ADHD is no exception.

The other observation that needs to be made is to comment on what is meant by the term ADHD. If one were to ask most people in the medical field or those people involved with the school system what their definition of ADHD or ADD is, the universal response would be that it is a “learning disorder” and is manifested by having difficulty focusing.

I disagree with this definition. Instead, I refer to it as an “interest disorder” – if they are interested in a subject, they have no trouble focusing. In my book called “Adrenaline Dominance”, I talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly conditions related to excess adrenaline. The only condition that I put into the ‘good’ category is ADHD. The reason it is placed in that category is that for the most part, the most intelligent, creative, successful people in the world have ADHD.

Interestingly, as far as I am aware, this book is the only book ever written that discusses ADHD from the standpoint of excess adrenaline. Adrenaline as a neurotransmitter gives people intelligence and enhances creativity in right-brained people. The people designated as ADHD also have an excess of adrenaline as a hormone making them over-active. People designated as ADD are what I designate as creative type ADHD’s – their hyperactivity is in the brain. I would strongly recommend that those people interested in ADHD should read my book for a full discussion of ADHD as well as many other conditions caused by adrenaline and often felt to be incurable. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and my website (

So to answer the question as to why stimulant drugs cause ADHD, it is because they all raise adrenaline levels. When given to people who have ADHD, the excess adrenaline they provide actually numbs the brain in these people who already have over-adrenalized brains. This numbing feeling is generally why children hate to be on these drugs.

Like any other condition, the most logical approach to treatment is to eliminate the cause of the condition. In the case of ADHD, the lowering of adrenaline can actually cure this condition. To lower adrenaline, one needs to treat the reason why the body is releasing excess adrenaline. The treatment involves providing the fuel that the brain uses to function along with the use of a 5% progesterone cream that is used to block adrenaline and insulin. A complete discussion of the treatment is found in my book “Adrenaline Dominance”. A significant drop in adrenaline can be expected in 24 hours.

For those seeking a specially formulated 5% progesterone cream, PlattPro5% is available on Amazon or on my website. For those practitioners who wish to provide their patients with a therapeutic strength of progesterone, it is available at a wholesale price. Call my office: 760-836-3232


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Autism Awareness

Autism: A Revolutionary Approach to Treatment

April is Autism Awareness Month. Autism Awareness Day is April 2, honored throughout the world.  In recognition of how important awareness of this condition is, I would like to share my own approach to treating children with autism.

The incidence of autism is rising, and is now found in one out of every 68 childbirths. Logically, it has become increasingly important to recognize this disorder and explore healthy approaches to treating it. Based on what I have observed about this condition, I strongly suspect that excess adrenaline plays an important role.

Adrenaline, as a neurotransmitter in the brain, provides both intelligence as well as an enhancement of creativity. Autistic children can be very creative as well as extremely intelligent—some of them have been known to memorize a phonebook. Exceedingly high levels of adrenaline in the brain is the reason they find it difficult to communicate. They shrink away from any sensory input, including eye contact, in order to decrease the amount of stimulus to their over-adrenalized brains. Excess adrenaline can certainly create sleeping problems in these children, and contribute to temper tantrums since it is the “fight-or-flight” hormone.

The brain uses more sugar per weight than any other part of the body. However, the creative brain requires much more sugar than a “normal” brain because it is more active. Because of this, the body continuously pours out adrenaline to raise sugar levels for the brain via a process called gluconeogenesis.

Accordingly, my approach to treating these children is simply to lower adrenaline levels in the brain. To accomplish this I recommend using a 5% transdermal progesterone cream to help control insulin and block adrenaline, and a diet that includes large amounts of low-glycemic carbohydrates, especially green vegetables, in order to provide a steady supply of sugar for the brain. The other fuel the brain uses is ketone bodies, the source of which is coconut and MCT oil.

Once adrenaline is lowered, their mind will stop racing. The lowering of adrenaline also prevents over-stimulation from sensory input, allowing the children to communicate more effectively. In addition, I would recommend certain supplements, possibly including digestive enzymes to help with digesting the vegetables, vitamin D3, and a B vitamin supplement. Several of my patients who had autistic children followed this protocol and saw dramatic improvement. One of these mothers included the following brief note at the end of a letter:

My son, Frank (age 15), has autism. He has been using progesterone since February. He has been less anxious and calmer. He is more outgoing in social situations. He has been voted student of the month for February and March. At school he is participating more, and the teaching staff finds less prompting is necessary. Overall, lots of nice changes.

Again, to emphasize the dramatic effect that the lowering of adrenaline levels can have on a child with autism, I have included the following from the mother of a three year old child with autism who had been non-communicative prior to the treatment which started on 02/17/14.


Ian has been great!  We are all really impressed with him.   He has HEAPS more energy, his speech has improved a lot suddenly, and he has been falling asleep amazingly easily and staying asleep. It is 9pm now, I am ready to pass out and he is super happy and lively and drawing and playing!  We have never seen him this bright! 


Ian is doing amazingly on your 5% progesterone!  He is really starting to talk!  He is able to put more words together and really trying to communicate.  His energy and focus is way better.  We are super delighted with him and cannot believe the change. It is getting some attention in the alternative health circles that I frequent.


I am going to have to really study this subject now as Ian is doing REALLY WELL on your program!  His energy is up, his speech is exploding, and he is acting so much more like a regular little boy. It is great.  Even his GP is starting to get impressed; she is coming around and getting interested in this field!

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Rachael Ray – What Happened?

Many people are aware that Rachael Ray has been struggling with weight and other health issues. She is best known as a celebrity chef and daytime talk show host. She is 48 years old and is having symptoms suggestive of the onset of menopause.

Evidently she has gone to numerous doctors seeking relief of her issues. These issues include, in addition to excess weight, night sweats and migraines.

In reality, Rachael Ray is a classic example of what is wrong with our medical system. I do not know this woman, but I have had many patients with her identical issues. The tragedy is that she is not complicated. However, to doctors who have never been trained to treat the underlying cause of illness, I can see where she would represent an enigma to them.

People are not aware that doctors receive very limited information about hormones during their training. Surprisingly, this is especially true of gynecologists. And this is in spite of the fact that every system in the body is controlled by hormones. So let me address how one might approach a person with Ms. Ray’s concerns.

When dealing with excess weight, night sweats, and “migraines,” my first thought would be that there is an issue with excess adrenaline. Ms. Ray is definitely a creative type person, and creative people are the one’s with the most adrenaline. Interestingly, excess adrenaline is probably the number one cause of weight gain, a fact that is totally unrecognized. It is also a frequent cause of night sweats and hot flashes. In addition, I suspect that the migraine headaches that she complains of are not actually migraines. It is likely that she has occipital neuritis, a condition which can cause excruciating headaches that often radiate into the back of the eye. They arise from the occipital nerve sheath located at the base of the skull on either side, and are caused by muscle tension surrounding the sheath created by excess adrenaline.

I realize that for most people it would be counterintuitive to think of adrenaline as a cause of weight gain. Obviously, an explanation is in order. Consider this, the body releases excess adrenaline basically for one of two reasons. The first reason is when there is danger. Most people are aware that adrenaline is the fight-or-flight hormone. However, this is a short-lived phenomenon, because danger usually lasts a short time. The second reason is to raise sugar levels for the brain by a process called gluconeogenesis.

The brain uses more sugar per weight than any other tissue in the body. When sugar levels drop in the brain, the brain falls asleep (i.e. hypoglycemia). Some people get hypoglycemic after eating, because food in the mouth stimulates insulin release, some people get sleepy between 3-4 pm when insulin levels peak, and some people get sleepy in a car – either as a driver or as a passenger. Hypoglycemia always stimulates the release of adrenaline in order to raise sugar levels back up.

Adrenaline released at night causes people to toss and turn, or have RLS, or grind their teeth or tense their jaw, or get up to urinate. It also creates stress. The body responds to stress by releasing cortisol to deal with the stress. The first thing cortisol does is to raise sugar levels to help with stress using a process called glycogenolysis. So now there are two hormones raising sugar levels, both stimulating the release of insulin which puts any sugar not burned up into fat cells for storage as fat. It does not matter if you eat sugar or if the body makes sugar, if it is not burned up it is turned into fat.

Obviously, Rachel Ray is not the only celebrity prone to weight gain, etc., from excess adrenaline. Oprah Winfrey is another extremely creative person who has had weight issues. Those of you who know me are aware that I specialize in dealing with issues caused by excess adrenaline. My book called “Adrenaline Dominance” provides all the information needed to control adrenaline naturally and quickly, and my website has an excellent progesterone cream with the exact strength required to block adrenaline.

My website is and the cream is called PlattPro 5%.



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The Healthcare Dilemma

We have a new president elect who has promised to make America great again. Not an easy task when it involves undoing eight years of policies that have had the tendency to undo our prior leadership in the global community.

He has committed himself to making the undoing of The Affordable Care Act (i.e. ObamaCare) one of his first priorities. Certainly a daunting task when you think about it because you have millions of people receiving health insurance who have pre-existing medical conditions who would be considered uninsurable without it. And there are millions of people with low incomes who have been able to have their children taken care of. Do you take these people off the rolls of the presently insured?

But then again you have 20% of the population who are shouldering the costs for the other 80% of people on this program with the added burden of continually rising costs. So how does one go about deep-sixing this program, salvaging the benefits that it has provided, and at the same time ease the financial burden of the minority

For those of you who know me or have read my books, you are aware that I try to approach problems from the cause and to avoid the use of Band-Aids. Well the thing is, ObamaCare is a huge, unworkable Band-Aid. However, there is, to my way of thinking, a solution to this situation that I feel might be workable. It would allow those with pre-existing illnesses to have insurance, it would provide low or no-cost insurance to those families in need, and it would ease the burden of those paying for the present program.

So let us talk about the elephant in the room that people may not be aware of, namely, health insurance companies. A large number of people are oblivious to the insidious effect that health insurance companies have on the cost of every aspect of medical   care – the price of drugs, the cost of procedures, how much doctors get paid, the cost of medical supplies, etc. The system has learned that the prices have to be terribly inflated because the system is aware that they will only be receiving a fraction of what is billed. Allow me to provide a small example. I used to draw blood from patients and a lab would pick up the samples every day. Since no insurance company was involved, they gave me special rates. The cost for thyroid tests designated as a T4,free or a T3,free were $5 apiece. The price to someone walking into the lab or the charge to insurance companies was $175 apiece. The insurance company would get some adjustment, of course, the person without insurance might have to pay the whole amount. But right away you can appreciate the added cost due to insurance companies.

To take advantage of the tremendous savings that can be obtained by eliminating insurance companies brings up the concept of ‘the single payer initiative’ – a situation whereby the individual states take over the job of providing health insurance. The state would negotiate directly with providers to determine costs, and with the elimination of the middleman (insurance companies) enough savings could be realized to possibly continue with many of the benefits realized with Obamacare but that were financially unsustainable. California had the opportunity to institute this program about 20 years ago, but the voters turned it down due to a huge campaign put on by insurance companies to defeat this bill. 

I think the time has come to look at this again. Keep in mind: Insurance happens


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Mass Killings: The Elephant in the Room

I will not belabor the multiple issues blamed for the repeated pre-planned killings throughout this country and the rest of the world. I actually think that there are multiple causes, and the elimination of one or even two causative factors will not eliminate the ultimate tragic results.

If guns were eliminated, bombs would be used, water supplies poisoned, or other horrific acts would be foisted on various groups. 

However, there is one unifying factor that is present in every one of the domestic and foreign terrorists, and that universal factor is anger. Anger can be an extremely powerful emotion as is clearly identified by a person with road rage. The latest mass killer appeared to have a homophobic rage. He also had all the classic symptoms of someone with ADHD, which was clearly manifested by his aggressive and abusive behavior during his childhood.

ADHD is always caused by excessive amounts of adrenaline, and adrenaline is a known cause of anger. Adrenaline is the most common cause of anxiety, and internalization of anger is an extremely common cause of depression. Perhaps this is the reason that just about every mass murderer has been on psychoactive drugs at the time of their rampage. And, of course, you can include these toxic drugs as a possible cause of homicidal rages.

When people have excess adrenaline, there is no question that it does not take a lot to set them off. People in law enforcement and the military often have high levels to begin with, which is often beneficial in terms of their line of work…after all, it is the “fight-or-flight”hormone. But it can readily explain some of the downside occurrences that can occur with  an extremely powerful hormone that is hard to control once it is released.

On the positive side, adrenaline is a hormone that can often be easily controlled naturally. I have written a book called “Adrenaline Dominance”. It explains why people are releasing excessive amounts of this hormone, even though they are not in danger. It talks about all the conditions related to excess adrenaline that are often felt to be incurable. And, of course, it shows how to lower levels of this hormone quickly and effectively – road rage can be eliminated in 24 hours.

In a different world that was open to treating the causation of illness, there could be ways of treating children with ADHD by lowering levels of adrenaline, rather than giving them stimulants that actually increase adrenaline levels in order to numb their brains. Of course, the side effect of sudden death caused by these drugs is not a concern  (except maybe in Canada where they took Adderal off the market because too many children died). Of course we live in a country where prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death so that a certain number of children deaths are acceptable).

At the same time, a questionnaire could be devised to give to all people wishing to immigrate to the US. This questionnaire could actually screen those people who may have issues with excess adrenaline allowing them to be vetted more carefully.



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[I published this post one year ago in deference to October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since nothing has changed, I feel the message is important enough to bear repeating. The unfortunate situation is that all things pink, including ribbons, has come to symbolize a complete lack of interest in achieving a better approach to breast cancer. The Susan Komen foundation is a farce, and the hundreds of millions of dollars her organization has received has done absolutely nothing to improve women’s ability to deal with breast cancer.]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There is no debate about the fact that women should be aware of breast cancer since it is approaching epidemic proportions. At the turn of the last century, the incidence of breast cancer was about 1 in every 94 women. It is now 1 in every 8 women.

The problem with devoting a month to breast cancer awareness, is that it emphasizes the wrong approach to this problem. Would it not make more sense to promote a different concept and proclaim this month as Breast Cancer Prevention Month. Oh wait a minute, I forgot, they do not allow preventive medicine in this country. This statement is not made lightly. If you consider that there has been no decrease in the incidence of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, etc., in this country over the last 60 years, it  is fairly safe to say we are not preventing disease. The one program in place that is touted as America’s answer to preventive medicine is the annual promotion of flu shots. The problem here is that flu shots do not prevent the flu and are more likely to cause it.

Women running around with  pink ribbons promoting breast cancer awareness are likely to recommend mammograms as part of the awareness program.  However, we all know that mammograms do not prevent breast cancer, and, as many people realize, the radiation actually increases a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer.

Obviously, the most valid and worthwhile approach to breast cancer is to prevent it in the first place. However, it is not difficult to embrace the idea that breast cancer is an extremely lucrative proposition to the medical community, especially if you include the cost of breast biopsies, surgery, hospitalization, chemotherapy, radiation, anesthesia, post-op care, reconstructive surgery, cat scans, MRIs, blood tests, plus I am sure many other modalities. I am not suggesting that breast cancer is good for the business of medicine, I will leave that idea for the reader to decide.

Once breast cancer has spread, perhaps the only chance for survival is to take a natural, alternative approach. Radiation and chemotherapy destroy the immune system, probably insuring an ultimate demise. In addition, Tamoxifen, the most commonly used drug to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, causes two different types of uterine cancers. The only known cause of uterine cancer is estrogen. I am waiting for someone to explain to me how Tamoxifen can prevent breast cancer.

There are actually two very easy and effective modalities that women can incorporate to prevent almost 100% of breast cancers – which I will get to in a bit, I promise. But first, the question has to be asked, what accounts for this tremendous upsurge in the incidence of breast cancer. The answer is that much of it can be attributed to the omnipresence of the hormone called estrogen. Estrogen is a known carcinogenic agent, and is known to cause at least six different cancers in women.

At the same time that women have been exposed to higher amounts of estrogen, there is now a worldwide epidemic of low progesterone levels, which is the hormone that protects women from estrogen.

In this regard, is it possible that the widespread use of BC pills can be blamed on the higher incidence of breast cancer? It is not so much that they contain estrogen and often a synthetic progestogen that is also known to cause breast cancer, but more importantly they prevent a woman from ovulating. It is during ovulation that a woman releases a hormone called progesterone, which protects women from getting estrogen-induced cancers.

In addition, estrogen is the most commonly replaced hormone after the menopause, a fact that is actually scary. Women often subject themselves to incredibly high doses of estradiol, the strongest estrogen, in the form of pellets inserted beneath the skin. The only need for this would be if a woman is trying to get pregnant – not a likely scenario after the menopause. And it is extremely rare that these pellet pushers ever protect women with the right type of progesterone.

In addition, you have to add into the equation that estrogen is used in chickens and cattle to fatten them. I have always found this fact interesting because it is illegal to inject anything that is a known carcinogenic agent into an animal that will be used for human consumption . Is it possible that economics has a greater priority than human health? And don’t forget BPA and estrogen in plastics.

As I alluded to before, there are two things a woman can do to prevent breast cancer (and many other cancers, as well). The first is to utilize at least a 5% progesterone cream and the second is to supplement with high-dose vitamin D3 – at least 10,000 IU per day of a powdered preparation, not a gelcap. You will also need to take about 180 mcg of vitamin K2 to prevent vitamin D3 from putting calcium into blood vessels. You can get all these products on my website: Those women wondering what to do about the menopause, please read my book “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones”.

And for those people who do wish to prevent the flu, please note that vitamin D3 in that strength prevents every flu there is, and every dementia as well.

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The “New” Morning Sickness Pill

Many people probably remember thalidomide which was a popular sleeping pill prescribed for pregnant women starting in the 1940’s because it was touted to help with morning sickness. It was eventually removed from the market after it had resulted in thousands of babies being born with skeletal abnormalities such as only having hands  without arms attached to their shoulders (a condition called focomyelia).

In 1956, a drug was introduced called Bendectin, and again used for morning sickness. It was a combination of two drugs, doxylamine and pyridoxine. Unfortunately, this drug resulted in many, if not more, of the same side effects as thalidomide. It should have been removed by the FDA, but they allowed it to be marketed until it was voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer, Merrell Pharmaceuticals, in 1983. It seems that the multiple law suits involved with this drug ate into their profits in a large way.

Two years ago, the FDA, who is supposed to be concerned about patient safety, allowed a Canadian drug company called Duchesnay, to have their drug called Diclegis  approved for treating morning sickness. This drug has exactly the same formula as Bendectin. They got away with re-introducing it because the FDA never took it off the market like they should have.

Not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian was brought in to market this toxic drug. The problem with this multimillion dollar campaign is that she failed to mention the potential side effects, so that the ads featuring Kardashian were pulled for the time being. Frankly, it would appear that considering the history of this drug, any doctor prescribing Diclegis is putting themselves on the same level of knowledge displayed by Kim Kardashian.

So what should women do to eliminate morning sickness? Those of you who have followed my blogs realize that my approach to conditions is to treat the underlying cause. Well the underlying cause of morning sickness during the first trimester is always estrogen. So would it not make sense to block the effects of estrogen? This is achieved with the use of a natural bio-identical progesterone cream – a hormone that not only will eliminate morning sickness, but at the same time is extremely beneficial and healthful to the fetus.

While on the subject of morning sickness, please be aware that there are some women who vomit throughout their entire pregnancy – a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. Interestingly, it is only found in women with creative minds. It is caused by excess adrenaline, and creative people have the most adrenaline. This situation is also treated by progesterone, in conjunction with a meal plan to lower adrenaline.

I strongly recommend that women who do have this problem read my latest book called “Adrenaline Dominance”. Not just for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of their offspring who will likely have the same hormonal challenges.

For those women who are looking for a therapeutic strength of progesterone, you can order Platt Pro 5% from my website. It provides 50 mg per pump, the strongest progesterone cream available without a prescription. It can also be found in a number of health food stores under the name Pro Max 5%. My website is:

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